Copyright on the internet… and social media sites…

A friend wrote me this morning and asked me about posting something from another site onto their website. The internet was built on a philosophy of open source and sharing freely. It is a common misconception that you can copy and share other intellectual property freely (pictures, whitepapers, articles, etc). When posting content on your website, link back to the source if you are mentioning from somewhere else. I put a credit to the site/company that I am citing from. If unsure, contact the source and ask for permission. This is my opinion.

Here are some useful links:
Brad Templeton – 10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Canadian Intellectual Property Office – Electronic Intellectual Property Guides
York University – Copyright and the Internet

With images, best to use royalty-free images. Here is my favorite free image website: Stock.XCHING Their image license agreement page is pretty helpful. The photo on the right is from the site above. It was taken by this gentleman

One big question: is social media changing the way we view copyright?

In a few years, will the notion of copyright become completely obsolete?  We need to tackle this grey area fast. One thought that comes to mind is making the distinction between commercial and non-commercial sources… and educating people on what is ok to share and what is not.

What do you do when it comes to copyright and the web?

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